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Welcome to the latest premier experience in ELO boosting. ELO Jump offers boosts from Bronze V to Diamond I at a competitive rate. ELO Jump cares about our customers and caiters to your needs. ELO Jump Boosters are Diamond and Challenger-level players, primarily concentrated in North America. Each individual booster has years of experience in League of Legends and knows the ins and outs of solo queue. You will have steady contact with your booster while they are online. ELO Jump Boosters are trustworthy and want to complete boosts as fast as possible. As a whole, ELO Jump Boosters have boosted over 300 hundred accounts over the years to all levels of play.

Why use ELO Jump?

ELO Jump has a small personalized staff that can deliver boosts much more reliably and faster than our competitives.
Our boosters have been in playing and winning ranked games since the early days of League.
So if you're wanting to get an elo boost and not sure on which service to use, ELO Jump is a safe bet to place.
Not only do we have veteran players but we can provide customer service on a more human level.
The prices aren't half bad either.

We'll do our best to meet your request!

Want us to record every game? No problem!
Want us to appear offline while on your account? Sure thing!
Want us to play specific roles? We can do that!

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