Elo jump is the best site for mmr, boosting your solo queue and flexible turn mmr, because all of our rockets are on a minimum diamond 1, some of them are pro-players, former players.

Private VPN

Elo boost is safe and secure, because we use many security tools so that the riots do not prohibit your account, the booster will use the vpn changer, as well as neural protection from the system of prohibiting riots.


We are using G2A payments system, which is trusted all over the world.

Support 24/7

We have a support member 24/7, ready to chat, if you have problems with your booster / booster, we strive to please you as a customer. We are available 24/7 on each server.


The prices on our elojump website are cheap and probably the best price you will find for the promotion you want. When buying a dividend, if you think that you are going to skip a division, pay only for the nearest unit, we will not charge more if you miss any unit.

Elo jump promotes that we are one of, if not the best, increase site, where it takes a lot of time, the speed at the end of the promotion and the most important security in the accounts. Elo jumps, because the site is always working to improve our services, which we are now working on to get viewers on our sites so you can watch the life of games, we are also working on improving the skills of each player who buys a duet for a year.

Elo jump is the site where you want to buy a cheap, reliable and fast booster.

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