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  • Division Boost: Silver (Division V) -> Silver (Division IV)
  • Total Cost: 16€


Number of Reviews
I’ve ordered a small request, and they did it well and in-time!
Silver 4 - Gold 5
Fine, just fine, EloJump do not have any kind of Member Area, so that is a bit uncomfortable, for else - it’s pretty good
Silver 4 - Platinum 5
Their booster Marmont is the best one!
Bronze 1 - Gold 3
I can recommend the service for every one who is want to get quality boost.
Silver 5 - Platinum 5
I believe one of the most cost efficient services I met. Let the guys take care of your Division.
Bronze 3 - Gold 5
Really fast and they know, what they doing.
Silver 3 - Gold 2
4rd order to they finished in godspeed, this guys are so crazy!!!
Gold 3 - Platinum 3
They are very friendly. 10/10 Teemos
Bronze 4 - Gold 4
Great service! Did Gold 3 to Plat V in only one day!
Gold 3 - Platinum 5
Well done, great service I just had and communication was really friendly.
Bronze 3 - Gold 4
Silver 3 - Gold 5
Best Jungler!
Silver 1 - Diamond 5
TY so much!
Bronze 2 - Gold 5
Very nice.
Silver 4 - Platinum 5
Fantastic work. Basically won every game.
Platinum 5 - Diamond 5
Thank you very much taking me from silver 3 to Gold 5. Friendly, fast at boosting you up
Silver 3 - Gold 5
The boost seemed to go nice and smooth, never lost a game. I went from S1 -> G5. I spectated one of the games and the booster definitely knew what they were doing. It is much appreciated! Thank you!
Silver 1 - Gold 5
I've used boosting services in the past but this is by far the fastest I've ever used, order was done in 24h, g1 to p5.
Gold 1 - Platinum 5
Good boosting service, higher winrate percentage than most boosting services I know. Support is always available.10/10 would recommend!
Silver 2 - Gold 5

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